Saturday, April 26, 2014


Easily one of my favorite days of the year is visiting the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. But strong winds and a chance of rain almost kept us away.
E took the day off specifically to visit and when we noticed huge gusts of wind and black clouds I was so upset. We'd had a rough week, but the weather had been wonderful. And now, finally the weekend with 100% chance of rain.
But we packed up the kids and decided to go for it. The soft overcast light actually made for beautiful photos and although we aren't dressed in summer clothes, we decided to splurge on a membership and we will be back.
I was under the impression that we'd be hitting the last of the tulips, but I was wrong (woot!), there were plenty that were just opening and lots more that had yet to open. Now let's hope for sun next weekend!
E and I haven't ever forced this relationship. Of course we insist on kindness, but these two are more compatible than I could have ever hoped. And after a solid week of fighting, they were back to being best friends. I don't have to suggest they hold hands, that's all them.
The overcast light actually made photographing the flowers a little hard. Everything looked so saturated that the colors almost seem to be blown out, even though saturation was not adjusted.
I love how much these two love gardens. They will choose a garden over the zoo, the fair, or really any other activity. They are almost as obsessed as I am. And now that we are members we will visit so much more (because going once was 1/4 the cost of membership, and membership includes three other museums!).
This yellow and red garden was my favorite of the day. It was so saturated I could hardly believe it. One thing you may not know about me regarding gardens? I am always drawn to the super strong saturated colors. Light pink, light yellow and peach in the garden is my among my least favorites. I always gravitate towards dark purple, red, bright yellow and deep dark peony pink.
This boy's horrible behavior broke on Thursday afternoon and he's been back to his normal self. No idea what that was about, but I'm happy it's over.
His favorite part of the garden is always the rivers and waterfalls.
This little girl is also feeling back to her normal happy mischievous self. Running away from Daddy was her favorite activity the entire time we were there.
Caught ya!
I love James's darling adorable four year old forced grin. But getting a natural smile is much more rare and more of a gem.
Her forced smile is also hilarious, but I much prefer all her other facial expressions.

This dress has been in her closet for six months. As soon as I purchased I knew I wanted her to wear it for the first time to the tulip festival.
This girl was loving the polka music and was dancing on my shoulders like a crazy girl. She keeps us smiling always.
Oh beautiful garden, we will be back.
And notice the new header?!


  1. How gorgeous - the flowers and your children! WOW!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL flowers!!! And cute kids. I love all of the tulips!

  3. Beautiful pictures and adorable kids! Love all the smiles!


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