Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kawanzan Cherry {and a rough week}

This time of year I feel like there is so much beauty around me I can hardly stand it. It has been a rough week to say the least. E went to the ER for severe abdominal pain on Tuesday and I've had stomach pain and tenderness all week too. E came home with his appendix still in tact, a perception for antibiotics, and orders to call a specialist.

Also, my kids? Bewitched. Seriously. I often talk about how magical parenthood is. And it is. It is wonderful. I am trying to keep things in perspective. But when I have dealt with punching, kicking and 498998 meltdowns before ten am, I feel a little burnt out.

Today I not only threatened jail to James (don't ask...) and started crying in front of him (which is super rare) and my tummy is just really hurting. Oh yea, and I mentioned E went to the ER with crazy abdominal pain too? Boo.

But, there is always a flip side. Always. We have health insurance. We will figure out what is going on and get better. My kids are healthy, however crazy they may be. Maybe they are acting like crazed circus animals because they have a touch of this tummy bug? I don't know. But it will pass.

AND, during all this, everything is showing off their most beautiful spring colors. My favorite tree of all, the Kawanzan Cherry, is in bloom. There is one in our neighborhood that looks like a fairytale. Last night I went at sunset (after a crazy infuriating day) and just lied under it, on some stranger's sidewalk. They saw me and laughed and joked that maybe I liked their tree more than they did. I agreed. I needed that. Pink flowers and birds chirping and sunset and blue sky.

I needed it.
Can you even believe this is real?! I didn't adjust saturation or anything. And as pretty as it is, it's a thousand times better in person.

Sunset light, the best light of all.
And a little video:

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