Monday, April 21, 2014

Such a lovely Easter

Yesterday was the loveliest of days. A late Easter means more blooming flowers, more green grass and more possibility of warm weather. We got all three. Perfection.

The day started out early, the Easter Bunny visited leaving both kids with new Camelback backpacks for summer hiking and a few other small gifts. Juliet was in instant love with the rain boots and James said the watering can was the best present he's ever received. Sidewalk calk, candies and new garden shovels rounded out the baskets.
We had a small egg hunt in the house before breakfast. Juliet wore her new boots and her new backpack to look for eggs.
On the way to my mom's for brunch I insisted that we stop at my favorite tree of all time for some photos. It is rare that the Kawanzan Cherry is blooming at Easter (since it is one of the last trees to bloom) but since it was in its full glory, the kids obliged and gave me a few great smiles.
Kawanzan Cherries are my very favorite of all.
Cotton candy, I tell ya.
Dressing my kids for holidays is one of my very favorite things. This sweet vintage dress I found on Etsy a year ago. I knew it would be prefect for Easter, luckily it was a perfect fit when Easter rolled around.
My mom had a huge egg hunt organized for the kids. Sixty eggs filled with candy, coins, crackers, and raisins all for the grandchildren (only James and Juliet).
Adding knee highs and black shoes finished the 1960s feel of her outfit.
So many eggs in my mom's beautiful yard.
The baskets got fuller and fuller.
Scooping out the loot after the hunt with Auntie Melissa. 
Juliet was in such a happy mood. Love it. Brunch was amazing. Family parties are my favorite. Missed taking any photos of anybody but the kids. Oops.
After naps at home we moved the party to the backyard and got excited for E's family to arrive.
Damma brought more baskets and presents and of course the kids were thrilled.
The fact that there is another kiddo on E's side makes such a fun change! For so long it was only our kids. Cousins are the best.
Relaxing and enjoying after the annual egg hunt. Once the kids followed the clues they were rewarded with even MORE presents and candy. Sheesh! Spoiled. 

Dinner in the backyard was amazing. I was so thankful for warm weather, it feels so celebratory to eat outside in April!

After dinner cousin crazy hour. Emilia keeps up with my two amazingly well.
And this boy? Crazy and amazing. Looking at this photo I can totally imagine him as a twenty year old. Something about his jaw-line and pose. I can see by boy as an adult, almost. ;)
Happy Easter!

PS - After the last photo was taken we headed inside to wind down and say goodbye. James, noticing all the confusion, grabbed his candy filled Easter basket and high tailed it to his room, locking his door. Finally we realized he was missing, and his door was locked. We knocked and asked him if he was in there. No answer. Finally after thirty minutes of trying to unlock his lock we unscrewed the handle. We found him laughing his head off, and the candy completely consumed. We were MAD. So we swapped his handle so the lock was on the outside and got him in his PJs. Then, while I was putting Juliet to bed, he locked E in his room from the outside and found the candy AGAIN. Oh my gosh were we so pissed at him. Looking back it is quite funny, but gah, he's mischievous.


  1. I read about James's antics on IG. What a stinker and so smart!

  2. and Juliet's outfit is the sweetest. She really does have the BEST wardrobe!


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