Friday, April 18, 2014

Then & Now {favorite Easter outfit}

Last year (when Juliet was 14 months old) I was already dressing her in 2T. She was just so rolly. Her fat little arms and legs needed the room. Over the last year she's grown so much, but only in height. Her rolls are nearly gone and her 2T bunny shirt that fit last Easter still fits.

Can you believe a year later she still fits into this darling outfit? I hope to get even another year out of the skirt! Love it that much. Everything is the same even down to the tights.

Last year the windowsill hit her in the middle of the chest. This year she hits it at the belly. So much taller.
See that little arm roll on the far left below? It's one roll (of many) that I miss a lot.
Tee and skirt: Janie & Jack
Tights: Target
Shoes last year: vintage
Shoes this year: See Kai Run

And yes, she's quite a character. She loves to ham it up for the camera.

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