Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring has sprung!

The daffodils dance in the hillside dew
The tulips are poppin’ up two by two
The little brook babbles, glistens and shines
The butterflies dance in the shadow of the pines
Spring has bloomed in a glorious display of color and sunshine over the last few days. There have been smiles, a new love for biking riding from James, and the most glorious flowering trees wherever you may look.

This next week we will visit the Daffodil Festival AND the Tulip Festival. Get ready for spring flower photo overload.

The mama cow nuzzles her little baby calf 
And the trees find their leaves at last
Life is everywhere fresh and new
Proud and strong, sweet and true

I want to shout it out
From a mountaintop
I want to tell the world

Spring has sprung! Spring has sprung!

-Frances England, Spring has Sprung

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