Friday, April 04, 2014

Happy happy birthday to me!

I know many people don't love their own birthday, but I am not one of them. Mostly because of E. He is amazing. He makes a big deal of it and every year seems sweeter than the year before.

This year he took the day off (woot! woot!) and he let me sleep in the basement, hence letting me sleep in a bit on my actual birthday.

As soon as I finally rolled out of bed (at a very late 8:10) we dressed and headed to breakfast.

Blue Plate is one of my favorite breakfast spots in Salt Lake. Their eggs benedict are amazing.  AMAZING.

And then the day just got better from there. Secret Park where we didn't see any foxes but had a wonderful time just being together, lunch at home and the kiddos' and nap time. Damma arrived (E's mom) and we hopped in the car and went to the aves for a traditional Japanese bath at our favorite local spa.

A small lunch and mini shopping date at Trolley Square rounded out our afternoon.

We headed home to some very tired and happy kids. On my birthday I didn't want to skip one of my favorite parts of the day: putting them to bed. I snuggled them close and tucked them both in before another babysitter arrived (thank you sis!) and we went downtown for the most fantastic sushi dinner Salt Lake has to offer.

What a busy complete wonderful day. I am the luckiest.

Salt Lake local and haven't been to Blue Plate? You are missing out big time.
I love eating out with my kids. We do it at least weekly and they always get compliments from restaurant staff and strangers on how well behaved they are (most of the time).
Early April and we are back in winter coats with snow on the ground. Didn't deter us, if there is sun we are out.
No foxes, but a blue sky and a sweet girl.
Kura Door is my favorite Utah spa. I haven't been to many (only two or three others) because I adore Kura Door. It is amazing. I love love love it. And the couple's ofuro bath (in double tubs) is a total treat. The sky at this point had turned cloudy and cold and nothing felt better than an hour in a deep hot bath chatting about travel with the man of my dreams.

A small lunch at Whole Foods and looking around Tabula Rasa without herding the kids away from 90% of everything they keep in stock was so much like our life before kids. I miss it. Of course I adore my kids and would miss them more, but looking around the mall without yelling "don't touch that!" was nice too.
Back home for kiddo dinner, bath, and bed. Damma really wore them out with all their playing, and they were both quite ready for bed. (Sorry James I caught you mid-blink).
Last stop of the night was Takashi. If you are a sushi fan you've got to try this place. It is amazing. It is my favorite place and where we've been going to birthday dinners for almost five years. It is that good.
Three of our favorites, the sunshine, the Buddha and the ebony and Ivory. So so good.
What a happy birthday it was. 

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