Sunday, March 30, 2014

The pursuit of foxes

Some animals are magic to me. Some that seem hard to see, elusive, and secretive. My top two favorite animals to see in the wild (here in Utah) are owls and foxes. Lucky for me both animals are really popular with kids items right now, so James and Juliet have a little collection of fox and owl toys.

I've heard threw the grapevine that our favorite park had its own fox skulk (a group of foxes). I was obsessed. We've been going to this park for years and every single time I'm there I think "wouldn't it be AMAZING to see the foxes today?"

Well one day two weeks ago was my lucky day, and I didn't even see them! I was there with my lifelong friend Allison and her sweet baby boy when a friendly dog walker stopped and told us more, specifically where to look when looking for foxes.

That day, unfortunately, there wasn't a fox to be found. But oh, I had new hope!
I've know Allison since I was a baby. Younger than her baby. We've been close friends our entire lives. And, lucky for me, she was willing to go on lots of endless fox adventures the weekend she was in town from Colorado, because she even knew about more local foxes! (Didn't see them though).
The next weekend was lovely temperature wise so we invited E's parents to join us at "Secret Park". We wandered over to where we heard the foxes hang out and we spotted him!!! In the middle of the day! In full sun! I was always expecting to see them on days with little sun and near the end of the day.

We were thrilled. Mostly me. I felt like I finally had hit the jackpot. I felt like it was the best best day of my entire year. I am not exaggerating. I'm obsessed. We only saw him for a half a second run between some far off trees, but I was beyond stoked.

My little explorers. We brought our binoculars in hopes of seeing them (we did!) and Juliet wore her foxy dress for good luck, which of course seemed to work.
After walking another small loop with the kids and E's parents we came back to check on the foxes and what what what?! One was napping in the sun not far off. I was DYING that I didn't have anything other than my iPhone camera, this sweet napping guy was like a dream come true. We watched him for a minute or two before Juliet's crying scared him away. It was the best minutes of my month.

Twice over the next few days I went back. Once with my mom (we spotted him off in the trees for only a moment) and then again on a cloudy morning after dropping James off at preschool. I put Juliet in the carrier and hoped the morning would yield just as much luck as the afternoon.
I knew carrying Juliet on my back would be heavy so I didn't choose to bring the big camera and the zoom. Instead I chose my old point and shoot that has a decent zoom. The morning light was perfect and still.

After a week of rain things have started to green up nicely.
Since the Secret Park is also a dog park, the key is to look for the foxes behind the fence. I had a lot of time to enjoy and be quiet watching the sun and clouds shift.
These berries were being picked over quickly by a flock of robins. Juliet fussed a bit and I handed her my phone with a little show turned on. All I wanted to do was stand still, and watch.

Finally I saw him! Not close like the day he was napping, but I saw him. And then another, and then another! One really red and two blondies. Sorry for the photo quality, but it was AMAZING to witness.
Soon Juliet's show was over and wanted to get down and play at the playground. We walked back in that direction, and I just kept thinking how lucky I am. The luckiest.

Spring is really on it's way, and foxes live in my neighborhood. Things are good.

Want to see three of my favorite blog posts that also happened to take place at Secret Park? This one was the last outing before Juliet was born, this one was when Juliet was tiny, and this one which is one of my favorite blog posts of all time.

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  1. He he!!! Yea fox!!! I'm so glad that you finally got to see them. They are so fun to watch. They are very playful creatures with each other. I love love that photo of you with Juliet on your back. The landscape photos are awesome; stunning views. It is fun to be in your post too!


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