Wednesday, March 05, 2014

One photo an hour project

Day to day life is quite scheduled here, but as my children age, schedules change and adapt. One thing I love doing is looking back on how my days have changed since my children have grown older. A photo an hour lets me do that.

What was normal a year ago (Juliet napping morning and afternoon) is not normal today. So, I do thing mostly for me, to see what an "average" day looks like. But I also do it because I love seeing what other moms day to day life looks like, so please play along if you wish.

7:30 - We've been up since seven. Our favorite way to wake up slowly is to snuggle in my bed and watch a show. Today we are watching Frozen (like every day for the last week). Luckily iTunes released it a week early and everyone seems to love it. Everyone in the family knows all the songs, including E and Juliet.
8:30 - While the movie isn't over, TV time is. We head into the kitchen for some breakfast. Kids breakfast of choice is honey butter bread and strawberries.
9:30 - We play Calico Critters in Juliet's room and read some books. Then I turn the TV back on (the rest of our movie!) while I jump in the shower and try to tidy up the kitchen. The kids are fighting so I know they are growing bored. I dress them and get out the door because it's sunny out! No idea what this face is, I asked her to show me her pretty dress and this is what I got.
10:30 - We are dressed and out of the house for a walk. Today we head to the church parking lot with bikes, our wagon and strollers. I'm hoping I can get James interested in his bike this summer.
11:30 - After an extra long walk we play in the backyard for awhile. Balls are everywhere and the sun is shining. Everyone is happy.
Plus the first few crocuses are in bloom!
12:30 (more like 12:15 actually) - Lunch inside. After a morning of exercise and sunshine the kids are starving and both finish their ham sandwiches (lunch of choice these days). Then it's nap time.
1:30 - Both the kids are down for a nap. I can hear James clunking around in his room, which is a sure sign he's not asleep. He's only napping about half to a third of the time, but stays in his room for quiet time if he's not asleep. I relax on the couch with my favorite guilty pleasure of all, Instagram. Have you seen Kirsten Rickert? She's amazing and a must follow.
2:30 - Juliet is awake! James never slept and is allowed to come out of his room at 2:00. Juliet is usually up before two, but today she slept until 2:30 which is the longest she's slept in a month. Recently she asked to start napping in her bedroom. Until this point she always napped in the basement away from her loud brother. But she started telling us she didn't like it and wanted her crib. Hard to fight with that face. 
3:30 - The sunshine from earlier is gone but it is still fairly mild. We don't have a playdate planned today so I ask the kids what they'd like to do. Both agree they would like a playground with lots of slides, so we head to Granite Park to play.
4:30 - This particular park has an AMAZING view of the mountains (I've posted about this park before) and so after we grew tired of the playground we took some time to explore the wooded area.
My favorite co-explorers. James didn't want to stop. He wanted to explore to the end of each and every path. Juliet, however, wasn't feeling it and wanted to be carried the entire time.
5:30 - We are all home! E now works 7:30 - 4:30, so while he's out the door early, having him home at five is AMAZING. I cook dinner while he plays with the kiddos and we eat around 5:30 nightly.
Tonight's dinner is one of our favorites. Pasta, sausage (chicken sausage here), and lots and lots of veggies. Top with a lot of parmesan and it's pretty yum.
6:30 - Tub time! E is in charge of bath time and lets them run a nice deep warm bath. I clean the kitchen while he deals with the splashing circus. I think I have the easier job, he agrees.
7:30 - Bedtime. Juliet's been down for about ten minutes. James is wound up and jumping on his bed. Finally E tells him that if he wants three minutes of snuggles he's got to lie down and relax.
8:30 - Doing what we do best, relaxing on the couch after a long day. Both of us did a little at-home yoga session in the basement and now really want to chill. After chatting about our day for awhile all we really want to do is veg out. E's chosen vice is his iPad. Mine is my phone (Instagram, blogs, Pinterest and Candy Crush).  Neither of us care much for TV, we much rather waste time on the net.
9:30 - We seem to end the day the way we start it, with the tv on. We don't have traditional tv (no cable or local stations) so instead we choose an old Seinfeld episode. As lame as it is, we relax and watch one single Seinfeld and then call it a night at about 9:45. Both of us are exhausted.
Goodnight March 5th. You've been good.

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  1. I love seeing these, its interesting to see how your routines change. I keep saying to myself I must do one. Maybe I should do one next week:) Sounds like a fun exhausting day.


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