Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend highlights {BEST weather ever!}

I must not get used to mild March days. Many March days are like it is today, snow, rain and gray. Sun and mid sixties is not usual, but when it happens to fall on the weekend it almost feels like I've hit the jackpot.

This weekend we stayed busy. Two activities a day because the beautiful weather just beckoned us out. And often when it's this nice I don't want to lug around my big camera, so excuse the iPhone photos.

On Saturday for the first time since that fateful day in November we went to Sugarhouse Park and visited the bridge Juliet fell off of. I was worried that she would cry and be upset, but she was fine. It was me that was having a mild panic attack on the way to the park. However seeing the bridge again was good for all of us. I could finally show E where she was, where I was, where she fell, etc. He walked down to the riverbank and tried to estimate how far she fell. We estimated maybe seven feet? Over his head for sure. Pretty amazing she didn't get hurt, as she fell on rocks. Seeing this photo I still can't believe she fell threw the bars on the bridge. But she was ok. She was fine. I repeat that in my head sometimes when the anxiety takes over.
Over the bridge and down a secret path leads us to one of our favorite beaches to throw rocks. We went dozens of times last summer. Can't wait to go again dozens of times again this summer.
 The sun! The blue sky! The view! My favorite boy in the entire world. What a lovely morning.
Then that afternoon we went to Red Butte Garden again.  Going in mid April for the daffodil festival is one of my favorite days in the entire year. But March is wonderful in its own special way. Lots of brown but there are a few things to see. Tiny little flowers are the first to meet the early spring sun.
Near the end of the loop James and Juliet wanted to be carried. We put them on our shoulders and suggested they hold hands up there. They loved the idea and held hands for the next twenty minutes. It was so adorable that I had to ask a stranger to get a photo.
Sunday morning we worked in the yard and got most of the winter leaves raked up. That afternoon we had dinner plans at my Mom's, who lives right near Liberty Park. With weather in the sixties and blue skies, we knew we HAD to make a little stop before dinner.
Love love love. Can't wait for our next mild weekend to come. Spring is so wonderful and quite a tease too. ;)

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  1. Jessica- lovely photos as always! It looks like the weather is beautiful... it's still quite cold here most days.
    That last photo of James is adorable- he looks so happy!


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