Friday, March 21, 2014

Backyard rainbow party

I had planned a little backyard playdate for St. Patrick's Day this year (just like last year!) but cold winds forced us to reschedule. We planned on today hoping for beautiful weather, but although there wasn't wind, there was still plenty of clouds and cold.

Luckily our little troupe of kids braved it out and we really had such a fun late St. Patrick's party Rainbow Party. Everyone wore green and/or rainbows and we did all sorts of rainbowy things.

Lucky my kids get to grow up beside these kids and I see their Mamas on a weekly basis. These are some of my best friends.
Rainbow umbrella with rainbow raindrops twisting and twirling in the wind.
Kids were greeted with a rainbow necklace making station.

Every kid loves a good rainbow necklace.
James has the cutest friends.
The first highlight of the party was the parachute!

And the main event was the leprechaun scavenger hunt just like last year's. Everyone loved it and followed eight simple clues to the hidden treats at the end.
Party girl.
Look how much this guy's grown since last year's party.
We loaded them up on rainbow colored sugar and played and played. Such a fun way to kick of spring in the backyard.
Have a rainbow filled weekend. 

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