Monday, March 24, 2014

James says, Juliet says

Whenever my children say something adorable or funny or sweet and loving I try to pull out my phone and make a note of it. I'm only on top of my game about 30% of the time, but these are just too darling not to share.
James (4 years) says:
  • "I think those little birdies are cold little fellas." 
  • "Angry daddies come and kiss children!" 
  • "The moon is nocturnal"
  • "I was trying to be grumpy and Juliet laughed at me!" 
  • "My sweet little legs are all cold and it makes me funny!" 
  • "When I'm a daddy I'm going to have two kids, Peter Rabbit and Ariel." 
  • "When I'm thirty-teen you'll have to get me a new bed!" 
  • "You are a bad woman!" (This was his favorite insult for awhile when he was mad at me. Wish things could stay that simple.)
  • "My tummy is full of boogers!" 
  • "Will you be my part-a-ner?" (The way he says partner just melts me.)
  • "I love mommy, and you love me. And I love daddy and he loves me. And I love Juliet and she loves me!" 
  • When asked what his name was at the playground "My name is Juliet and James." 
  • "If I do say so myself!" (One of his favorite things to say a random times, it cracks me up.)  
  • Out of nowhere: "I love you Juliet. I really love you Juliet." 
  • "When I'm 31 Juliet will be 11!" 
  • "I'm a good engineer."
And we can't skip out on what the silly "gurla" says now that she's talking non-stop. (James still says "girl" in the most darling of ways, we call Juliet our "sweet gurla" or "silly gurla" all the time.)
Juliet (2 years) says:
  • "Wait wait! Hug! Wait wait! Kiss too!" (Every night telling James not to forget to hug and kiss her. She really couldn't care less about E and I kissing her, but James is a different story.)
  • "Want it, doggy! Want it!" 
  • "Mommy? Never-mind!" (She went through a major phase with this about two weeks ago. She'd say "Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY! Never-mind!" over and over again. If it wasn't so adorable it'd make you go mad!)
  • Putting her to bed: "Ready! Naps! Bye! See ya soon!" 
  • "Digger Days (James)! Digger! Look Days!" (For a long long time she called James "Days", and just recently she figured out how to say "James". "Days" is a thing of the past. 
  • "Tickle me!!" "Catch me!" "Kiss me!" "Nuggle me!" (Depending on what mood she's in).
  • "Me doing it SELF!" (I hear this 100+ times a day. She wants help with nothing and would rather throw a huge fit if she can't do it than ever ask or accept help.)
  • Somehow opening my Pinterest on computer "oh cute! Ohh! This cute too!" 
  • "Ready debie!" (Ready for strawberries!)
  • "Ok!" She's been saying "k" now for a long time, but for some reason when she added that little "o" it just make it extra cute.  
  • Me: "How many more bites do you have left?" Her: "Forty-nine!" 
  • When putting her dollie to sleep: "Good sleeps Rosie! Nap time! No cries! Safe bed Rosie! Good sleeps!"
  • "James favorite kiddo" (They adore each other and it seriously it the best part of parenthood.)
  • "Daddy favorite. This daddy. This daddy head. This daddy poky hair favorite." 
  • Everything is named Nicholas. She loves that name. "James Nicholas, Mommy Nicholas, me Nicholas, shoes Nicolas, dress Nicholas" etc...
*Above, she is quite insistent on snuggling (nuggling) all her friends each and every time I lie her down. Today at nap time she kept railing she was missing one or two, so finally when she had them all, I asked if I could get a photo. She said yes and then proceeded to fall asleep in this mass. Weirdo. ;)

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  1. Awww! So sweet and so much fun! What a crack up; I'm looking forward to this stage. Have a great week!


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