Saturday, March 01, 2014

Spring header! Spring photos! Loveliest spring day!

For four days last week we had the loveliest hint of spring. Beautiful warm days (65 degrees!) and sun. Daily we'd visit our favorite parks, often two a day. The air felt happier, the scent sweeter.
When we had the warm spell (because now it's back to feeling like early March with rain and chill) I knew I wanted to take some spring header photos.
I find spring header photos to be the most challenging of all my headers. I want to showcase spring and all its glory, but early March is pretty brown, cold and ugly.
But some cheery smiles, bright spring clothes and warm sun made for some awesome days at the park, and a spring header that actually feels like spring. Plus, I may have greened up the grass a bit in Photoshop. ;)
And the mountains looked glorious, and oh so beautiful.
Happy March. Happy spring!

Outfit details -
Shirt - Old Navy
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Target

Shirt - Walmart
Dress - NEXT
Flower crown and lace socks - Target dollar spot
Shoes - See Kai Run

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