Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day playdate

To celebrate the incredible weather we are having I decided to host a little St. Patrick's Day party on Friday. We invited a few friends, asked them to wear green, and warned them that a naughty leprechaun was hiding in the backyard.
The first naughty thing the little leprechaun was to sneak into our ice water and dye it green. Oh the kids thought this was awesome.
I made a little terrarium for the centerpiece. Some moss, a few little plants and some happy crocuses. Oh yea, and Mr. Leprechaun's sister.
All guests dressed in green, of course.
We did an easy craft.
I got out the slide and the ball pit that we used at James's third birthday, and again, it was a huge hit.
Baby girl was as happy as a clam with a little line of Fruit Loops along the flower boxes. She cruised up and down gathering them all.
One or two fell into the garden, but even before I asked, James came to the rescue. "Here you go sweet gurl."
I'm guessing they liked the slide.
Soon we decided it was snack time, and come to find out, that naughty leprechaun had stollen the treats and sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to recover it. We had to look for clues near the hose, under the BBQ, near our Buddha statue, and that naughty leprechaun even sent the kids across the street into the neighbor's yard to find more clues. Look how sweet these kiddos are crossing the street.
The last clue read "I hid the treats behind where Jessica parks her car" so we ran to check behind the garage to find this! Green grapes and leprechaun sandwiches! Oh the kids were thrilled. 
And filling the kids with sugar on Friday afternoon? Genius.
Everyone had a blast. Happy St. Patrick's Day. 

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