Saturday, March 02, 2013

Last couple of weeks in IG

I now have a new ingenious idea on updating IG photos. Tile them into one! Why didn't I think of this a year ago?

1. Daily walk with James. 2. Sunday visits to the Heber Railroad. 3. Little light of mine. 

4. I thought she'd like the walker as much as James did, I guess I was wrong. 5. Sledding with my favorite boy while Daddy stayed home with a sick babe. 6. The neighbor found a rusted out metal dump truck in the bottom of a ditch. He spent two months sanding it, cleaning it and painting it. Then he gave it to James. :)

7. Finallly well enough to visit Wheeler Farm. 8. Light and shadow. 9. This bunny knows where bunny ears go. 

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