Monday, March 25, 2013

Zion - Day 1

Day one in Zion was the one I was the most anxious for, mostly because it included the drive down there. I am thrilled to report James has become a much better traveler, and Juliet is a breeze (she even will sleep in the car, while James hasn't since he moved from his infant carseat at 11 months).
With happy kiddos and a perfectly blue sky, we didn't stop in Springdale on the way in, instead we continued into the park to begin our first hike of the trip. As you can see, the kids were thrilled to be out of the car and into the sunshine.
We chose Weeping Wall as our first "hike". I put it in quotes, because the entire trail is paved, and it must be less than a third mile, but it was fun because it was in the sunshine, we saw quite a few deer on the trail and the end is a wall that seeps water from inside it and "weeps". All James cared about was that it was almost like a waterfall.
Because the trail was so short, and the kids were not ready to get back into the car once we were done, we spent some time at the little river at the beginning of the trail. Both my children love rivers. James could throw rocks into rivers for hours, and Juliet was quite thrilled with the soft warm sand.

Soon everyone was covered in it.

Checking in the the hotel was a breeze and dinner was beyond amazing at the Flying Monkey, which serves wood fire pizzas. We sat outside and had the entire patio to ourselves, so we didn't feel too bad when the kiddos wanted to get down for the 70th time and stretch their legs.

We had a patio off the back of our room. This was the view. And the fence seemed quite interesting for both kids, kept them entertained for at least twenty minutes.
Day one, success!

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