Friday, March 08, 2013

Juliet is 13 months! {photos with Patsy Ann!}

Juliet is 13 months! Time has flown by at the speed of light in this little one's life, but last month crept by slower than molasses. Last month was pretty horrible, baby girl.

As I've mentioned again and again, Juliet was sick for almost the entire month. She got RSV on the night of her birthday party and only now is just getting better, so it was a long month for all of us.

I learned a few things over this month. You like to know I'm there when you feel your worst. It is kind of funny in hindsight all the things you'd do (and we'd do) to get you to sleep. For example, you'd be almost asleep, finally settled down, when you'd peek open your eyes to check on us. If we were there, all was well and you'd close your eyes again. If we'd left the room you'd wake up fully and start screaming for us.

What does this mean? I became the best freaking baby ninja ever. I knew where not to step on the floor. I knew just how long to wait until you'd last checked on me, I knew how to sit, and how to crawl out of your room and open and close your door without a sound. I did all of this three, four, five times a night.

Now that you are back to sleeping through the night, no one is as happy as me, your tired ol' Mama.
Because you were feeling so sick you napped hardly at all. I thought you were giving up your morning nap, but alas, when you feel better you start sleeping again, so morning nap stays.

Also you've become the world's pickiest eater. Your old favorite avocado? Now won't touch it. If we try to sneak it in, you spit it out and gag. Butter bread? Also not approved. I'm not stressing too much because James also went though a very picky stage at your age (THANK GOODNESS for old Wolfy entries!) and he's a good eater now.

You still love yogurt and fruit, and I just discovered you adore pizza. So morning, noon and night all your meals consist of those three things. What a silly girl you are.

Even with all the sickness you've exploded developmentally this month. Crawling faster and faster, pulling up onto everything, crawling up stairs, climbing on things, trying to climb off things, cruising (holding onto furniture and walking) and playing well with James.

James simply adores you baby girl. He hardly ever calls you Juliet, instead he calls you "sweet guurrlll" almost 100% of the time. He tells everyone "she's my special sister!" and while he still is learning how to share, he really is sweet and wonderful with you. As you well know, his favorite time of the entire day is bathing with you before bed. Each night he asks "I can have a bath with sweet guuurrrl?"

You are still a snuggle bunny, falling asleep in my arms each night at bedtime and next to me each afternoon during afternoon nap. When you were so sick you spent many nights in my bed as well, and if it were up to you, I think you'd be perfectly content always sleeping in my bed next to me. Thank goodness you also sleep in your crib, because those nights were rough.
What a special shirt for my snuggle bunny. You sure do have a beautiful wardrobe. This sweet shirt was a gift from a friend, someone that loves you so very much!

And a little crawling gif, just for fun.
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Finally, from 1 month until now:

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