Friday, March 15, 2013

March, in Instagram

1. Slide! 2. With a new white coat, somebody is ready for spring. 3. Oh my! Juliet wanted snuggles, so of course suddenly James wanted them too. I just enjoy the moment while Juliet fusses for her turn.

4. All of a sudden she seems so big and wants to play with James. 5. Dishwasher help. 6. At the riverbank throwing rocks.

7. Pew! These are horrible. Juliet no longer chomps leaves. 8. How big is Juliet? 9. I adore March. While the earth is brown and the sky gray, at least I'm out in the garden again after a long cold winter.

1. The Easter Bunny went shopping. 2. Hello! 3. "I'd like a lawn mower Easter Bunny."

4. She loves the slide! Can't get enough. 5. Caught in a daydream. 6. My fashion sense was outweighed by my boy's love. Digger shirt for the win.

The last few days have been record breaking warm (in the 70s, which is really really warm for March!) so we've pulled out some of her spring wardrobe. Oh my... 7. Green vintage. 8. White vintage. 9. Pink vintage. Love love love.

And I felt these two needed to be a little larger, since there is more than one photo in each.

Japanese Day Spa. Heaven on earth. After two months of sickness and the hardest E's busiest travel schedule ever I felt like I deserved a few hours off. Perfection.

In March 2011 I took James to Murray Park to take photos for my spring header. One of my favorite shots was him pointing within this beautiful tree. This March I took Juliet to the same tree, and she also spotted something and pointed. Oh how time flies. Love Then & Now.

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