Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Spring Header {March is here!}

Today was glorious. Simply glorious. It was about 55 degrees and sunny so it was a day my boy and I spent in the park. We walked the paths, made forts under the canopies of the pine trees and watched the ducks. I dressed James in a sweet green outfit that has been in his closet for a year, waiting for spring to arrive.

And arrive it did. I know winter weather will reappear, but today, well today was just splendid.

And, since March 1st is the first day of spring in my book, I was super excited to take some photos to update my header. Only problem? James took a tumble on the sidewalk on Sunday and his poor nose got scuffed. Breaks my heart.

But, I was able to use a bit of Photoshop magic for the photos above. But for this post, I'll leave them un-edited. Poor poor little nose.
At least his little nosey didn't seem to dampen his spirit.

A couple I edited out the nose-scab when thinking about my header.

Doesn't he look like such a big boy?
James spots a dog! He always points and smiles.

Out with the old (which wasn't that old):
In with the new!


  1. Adorable! He has so many teeth now!

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    so cute!!! i love them all!!! my favorite one yet

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    oops last comment was from Aunite Melissa

  4. awww his poor nosey. The outfit is too cute though and James totally knows how to rock it!

  5. I love that he gets the biggest smiles for trees and puppies! "Hello, my friend."


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