Thursday, March 10, 2011

The snow is melting, my kid is soaking

Today's high is supposed to be sixty three. Amazing.

Because of the lovely warm air, the snow is melting like mad. Remember how I said in yesterday's post "James is very happy to play in dripping water. He finds drips everywhere and has been know to be totally drenched in a matter of minutes. I only let him play in these drips for a few minutes, to try to avoid a soaked child."

Well today before nap time we were playing in the backyard. The snow on the roof of the garage was melting forming ever-so-tempting drips.

He was soaked within minutes.

PS - I know I've been blogging like crazy this week. Seems like the change in seasons always sends me into a blogging frenzy.


  1. Connie10:13 PM

    How can anyone look so adorable soaking wet?!Please keep blogging. I live to read it!

  2. Jessica, your sweetie is sooooooo precious. I love the photo with his mouth openned. Again, your blog and photos always make me smile! I'm gonna have to share your blog with my daughter -in-law. She loves taking pictures of the twins (among other things) and know she'd love your photos. They are true works of art!

  3. Wow that first photo could and should win an award! I love it! James has to be the cutest child in the world!


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