Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {reading naked}

Before bath time every night we let James have a "naked run". For about five minutes he sequels with delight and runs all over the house. Often times we get his best giggles when he has total freedom from clothing.

Tonight instead of tearing around like a crazy man he went into the living room in search of his favorite books. This boy loves his books and he has a few favorites that he'll read over and over again.

James pulled out a favorite, walked backwards towards his Dada before sitting on E's lap, and wanted to read. E kept saying "don't pee on me!"

James sat happily for the entire story (without peeing!).
Both E and I adore the way James will rest his little hand on our arm or wrist as we read. Gotta love the small things.
The lashes on this guy grow longer by the day.


  1. Aren't they adorable about running around like that?

  2. Awww....very cute! Nice captured moment!

  3. I could never figure out what it is about being without clothes that makes them so excited. Cracks me up!

    I love that shot of the little hand- absolutely precious!!

  4. My daughter just LOVES to run naked... When she sees me coming with a diaper she tries to crawl away as fast as she can... it's sooo funny!
    Anyway, your pictures are great!

  5. Is that Say Hello to Snowy Animals? I almost bought him that last week! Good thing I didn't!

  6. Yes! Say Hello to Snowy Animals. He LOVES it and we read it 4-12 times a day.


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