Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekend photos and a video

We had a pretty low key weekend. On Saturday we decided to head up to the zoo and let James lead the way. It was perfect. Now that we have an annual pass, we don't rush around to see everything, instead taking a slow pace and just enjoying each others company (and I don't even bring my camera this time). We watched the baby elephant being silly, watched the sleeping tigers and looked at the monkeys quickly and James walked onward.

On Sunday we all took a long nap. It was divine.

Then, because it was raining, we went to the Aquarium. We have an annual pass here, too, and we go a lot (like once a week!). Usually I don't bring my camera because of the dim light, but yesterday I grabbed it.

And, good news: the nose scab fell off! Now my boy is looking like his old self again.

The penguin tank is half under water and these cute guys are fast! They are a lot of fun to watch. I said to James "do you see the froggy?" and a little boy that was about four standing next to me said "they are toads." So funny. Of course he was right.
Fish tank with Mama and touch tank with Dada.

And James has been super into videos of himself lately. Whenever he sees my laptop he fusses to watch videos. Then when we watch he gets a big grin and snuggles on our laps for up to an hour (or as long as one of his parents can stand watching the same 15 videos over and over). So I've been trying to expand our video collection a bit. Here's one I caught on Saturday after James had rubbed yogurt all over his face.


  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    I love that video!!! soooooo cute!! i love him

    Auntie Melissa

  2. What a smartie!

    Oh, I so hope James doesn't start doing what my grandson started. He so loves watching videos of himself. So much so, that everytime my daughter tries to take a video of him, as soon as he spies the camera, he stops what he is doing and runs to her lap to watch the video. She hasn't been able to get much of anything recorded lately!


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