Thursday, March 03, 2011

Taking a walk

We take a lot of walks around here. A lot. If it is even somewhat mild outside James is outside. He loves it.

So today I grabbed my camera. Nothing unusual about today other than I wanted to document it.

James know exactly where he's going and how to get there. It means that he doesn't wait around for anyone, especially his Mama. First stop, the fire hydrant a few houses up. He likes the chain the most. And if he hears a plane he'll excitedly point up and make this "ohhh" face.

Very rarely he'll reach for my hand. I like these moments the most.
Earlier in the day it had rained. This means puddles. And toddlers love puddles.

Pretty soon the sky began to look like this...
Remember how I said that James can easily climb stairs and curbs now? And how he lets out a victory cry when he's reached his goal? The second photo is the victory cry in action.

This is the face he gave me when I told him it was time to go home. That his mean ol' Mama thought it might rain. And I was right, only minutes after we got back home big drops started to fall.


  1. Love the pictures! What a little man he is now! Caroline looked at them with me and she kept commenting on how big he is, no more baby man!

  2. Love the Oh face and the sweatshirt! He looks more and more like a toddler/kid instead of a baby. Man they grow up fast

  3. These are the types of images you are going to cherish the most when you look back- the every day stuff. I get made fun of a lot because I tote my camera everywhere, but it's amazing how you think "oh, I'll do it next time" and then you never do... and then something changes and you wish you'd done it.


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