Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {Wheeler Farm}

As I mentioned in the previous post, it snowed a lot yesterday. Then the sky cleared and it warmed up and everything was dazzling. Crisp clean snow and a brilliant blue sky.

I wanted to enjoy the sunshine so I decided to bring the sled to Wheeler Farm again (this is my second B&W Wednesday post about sledding at Wheeler Farm. Oh wait, nope, it's the third.)

It was so bright, with the sun bouncing off the snow I decided to grab James's sunglasses that he got as a Valentines present. In the photo above, doesn't it look like he's giving the thumbs up? He's such a cool dude. I'm so glad I grabbed them because he rocked them the entire time on the sled. I was sure he'd pull them off instantly, but he was loving them.

After we used the sled awhile I stowed it behind one of the farm buildings and walked around in the mud to visit all the farm animals. There are sheep and goat babies, and we saw a sweet Mama cow getting milked.

James was muddy, wet, but happy by the time we decided to call it quits. We came home and made some snow ice cream (post and recipe to come).
The snow was melting quickly so the areas that were plowed were super muddy.

I love the top of this kid's head.
James is very happy to play in dripping water. He finds drips everywhere and has been know to be totally drenched in a matter of minutes. I only let him play in these drips for a few minutes, to try to avoid a soaked child.


  1. Connie3:33 PM

    I still say, get this kid an agent! He is so darling we should be sharing him with the world!

  2. He is such a cool dude!! Love the sunglasses


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