Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Riddance March {and Fussy McGoo!}

When James was only days old E termed the alter ego "Fussy McGoo". Fussy McGoo visits every now and then and we are always happy to see him leave.

Well he's visiting. And he is not seeming to want to leave. I think it is those damn molars.

So this weekend we did nada. Yes, we went to REI, visited family and went to the aquarium, but nothing was really photo worthy.

And I was sick again last week. I've been sick almost all of March. No joke. I had a three week (horrible) cold that turned into a sinus infection and then I got the stomach bug last week.

So I say, bring on 30 years old, bring on spring, and bring on April. I'm ready to get out of this end of winter funk and start enjoying some time outdoors.

Good Riddance March.

Above: James fussing at my feet, which he does a lot these days. He wants to be picked up, or something. When I pick him up he wants down. It is fun fun.


  1. I don't believe you. That little boy cannot do anything wrong...must be his parents ;)

  2. Cute photo! Love it.

  3. Connie11:39 AM

    As Homer Simpson says, "Lousy Smarch weather!" (It was a typo on his kids' lunch menu from their school, but it fits the month so well!)
    I think this child is Mr. Wonderful, no matter what!

  4. yessss...I agree! good riddance March! Plus its going to be your birthday weekend soon! How fun!


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