Monday, March 21, 2011

Low key weekend: small update

The weekend was cold, rainy and windy. I took a long nap on Sunday while my sweet little boy did the same in his crib.

Saturday was a free day at the Utah Museum of Fine Art, so we strapped the baby to the baby leash and set off. The museum was busy and full but James loved walking all around, not pausing for a single moment to enjoy the art. (We brought the camera, but the wrong lens, so didn't get many in-focus shots).

Last night marked the end of an almost 16 month-long relationship James and I have had with breastfeeding. James had his last session before bed last night. It is time. He's such a big boy.

Plus, I'm not sleeping well at night (again) and none of the breastfeeding approved sleep-aids are doing it for me.

So last night, in his darkened room, we sat in the rocker, and for the last time I breastfed my big boy. I cried a little. Seems silly until you are there, but I'll admit the tears fell. The last of his babyhood is slipping away.

Tonight will be the first in James's entire life where he will go to bed without booby milk. I think I'll have a harder time than him.

And, in two weeks I turn 30. The big big 30. Do I feel old? Yes. But I'm right where I wanted to be at 30. I have a wonderful man that I share every day with, a beautiful home and the sweetest kid I know. It is perfect.

And remember how I found some old photos on some CDs a few weeks ago? Here is a photo of me on my 23rd birthday. I still have that sweater and I just got my haircut to match this length. I look just about the same, just a little more "mature".


  1. Oh.. that IS sad to be done with breastfeeding - but I am SO impressed you did it for so long - i really think that is wonderful! I never have been able to breastfeed my little ones as long as I would like - my milk supply just doesn't seem to keep up the demand as they get older and it makes me sad. I'm SO looking forward to my time nursing this next little baby on the way, for however long I can. And Happy 30th!! That's awesome!! I'll be there next year, and I'm actually kind of looking forward it!

  2. Hehe @ baby leash!

  3. Connie12:57 PM

    I cried for weeks when I weaned James' Dada, so you got through it better than I did.
    I wondered when the baby leash was going to happen. I wish they'd had those when I was chasing E around!
    That cake looks sooooo yummy!!! Where did you get it, do you remember?

  4. That cake does look good, doesn't it! I think it might have come from Salt Lake Roasting Company, but I'm not entirely sure!

  5. Love reading your blog posts and seeing what you're up to! You are the best mom ever- enjoying and cherishing every moment of motherhood- it's inspiring! You made me teary eyed reading about your feelings on your last night breastfeeding- I feel 'ya there. Sad, but good at the same time. I would love to hang out with you and James this summer while I'm in Utah- I'll keep in touch.

  6. Anonymous9:02 PM

    that baby leash needs to go.

    Auntie Melissa


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