Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Re-appeared!

Finally! After three weeks of yucky, cold, miserable weather, spring decided to show its beautiful face again in celebration of my birthday weekend!

Best part of celebrating your birthday for an entire weekend? When E asks for Friday off (tomorrow!) so the family can enjoy three days of birthday bliss. ;)

And today was just marvelous. David, my brother-in-law, needed to go to Wheeler Farm for his photography class. I'm always up for a trip to Wheeler Farm and was more than happy to join him for an hour this afternoon.

We tromped all over the farm and had an amazing time enjoying the weather and the little boy who's mood has improved quite a bit since Monday.

James with some chickens.
James with a horse. It reminded me so much of this photo from last November.
James loves this big orange antique wagon wheel in the meadow.

I couldn't get him to smile. Oh well, he's adorable anyway.
E and I have both been commenting lately that we think our blue-eyed boy is getting green eyes. E's eyes are green and I would not be surprised if James's eyes eventually turn. This is the same photo as above with a tighter crop. What do you think? Turning green? (Click on the photo to see it even larger).


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    His eyes do have green in them now! They are BEAUTIFUL;o). All 3 of my kids have their own eye color. Simon has blue/green eyes. If he wears green it brings out the green; blue brings out the blue. They also look gray at Hannah's eyes are brown (when her brother was younger he would say she had chocolate drop eyes.) Ethan has hazel (golden brown & green).
    Hannah & I LOVE your Blog;o) She would love to have a little one around after seeing James' videos & photos, but she is smart....she would rather have a little cousin instead of another
    Hope you have a beautiful Birthday weekend!
    Bren from AGFMB

  2. They are looking green to me!

  3. Connie12:22 PM

    He could end up with blue/green eyes. I've seen people with these and they are gorgeous! But then James is always gorgeous!


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