Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {lazy edition}

The cold gray weather hasn't inspired me to get out my camera much. It is horrible. I know as soon as the sun returns, I'll be snapping away like crazy, but for now, well not so much.

So this week's B&W Wednesday is a little unusual. I take a lot of photos with my phone and send them to E at work. Some of my favorite photos have turned out to be these ones. Unexpected. Silly. Us.

So these are not the best quality, but here are three that I've taken in the last week or so that I like.

Yesterday my friend Naina and I were texting. We were lamenting that we were both such good friends with boys the EXACT same age. Yet she lives on the East Coast and I live in Utah. How we wish we lived in the same city.

Anyway, coincidentally, we were both at the mall with our boys. We decided to take a self photo and send it to each other. Hers is adorable. Her little boy is beyond gorgeous. Here's my photo (notice I got my hair cut!). I love James's shy little smile.
James is a shy boy. I take him out of the house every day and he sees plenty of other people, but he's shy. Its just the way he is. His Dada was like that as a boy too. This is James's "statue mode". When someone he doesn't know (here it was someone at the supermarket) says hello to him or waves, he closes his eyes and holds completely still. For over two minutes! That is a long time for a baby. I can't get over how funny his statue mode is. Its as if he thinks if he doesn't move or look at the person, they might go away. Come to think of it, it usually works.
And above, James and I still play outside a lot. If it is cold and windy, we're out. If it threatens rain, we're out. Even if it is raining, we are sometimes out. This is how the sky looked at the park a week ago. And it was cold. But my little outdoor loving boy had no problems, he visited all the trees and went down the slide a few times.


  1. These are great! That is so funny about his "statue mode". Wonderful post!

  2. love these, great black and white


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