Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wheeler Farm in the snow {Black and White Wednesday}

Last night it snowed about six inches and made the valley just beautiful. Everything was fresh and clean and Christmasy. I decided to bundle the babe and myself up today and take the sled to Wheeler Farm. It was amazing. We were the only ones there and had the entire place to ourselves. We walked down near the river, watched the ducks, played in the snow and visited James's favorite tree.

James had a wonderful time and each time I'd look over my shoulder as I pulled the sled he would flash me his biggest grin. I tried to capture this grin on camera, but when I slowed the sled to a stop and took out my camera he seemed serious.

I love how the photos turned out, even with the lack of a big grin.

Happy Black and White Wednesday!

Oh look! I caught a mini grin! Yea!
It was so beautiful down near the river. Christmas card beautiful.
Love this face. I'll never tire of it.

Those lashes, those cheeks. Kiss kiss!
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the long road


  1. I love the pictures! Too cute!

  2. I love James' hat! That is the kind of hat I imagined for Ethan in Paris. ;)

  3. Oh these are gorgeous! What a cutie you have :)

  4. Truly great shots! The close ups of your little guy are stunning.

    Erika B


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