Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It was still dark this morning when James got up. Not that he got up any earlier than usual, but because we are celebrating the winter solstice in North America and the sun doesn't break over the mountains until 8:30. At 7:30 am the sky was just beginning to lighten reveling lots of fresh beautiful snow blanketing everything outside.

I turned on some old time Christmas tunes, flipped the Christmas tree's lights on, and started to brew some coffee. James happily toddled around in his winter jammies and in his little slippered feet. Life is sweet. Really looking forward to Christmas with this guy.

Aren't his Rudolf slippers just the cutest?


  1. The one of him looking up at your tree should have been your Christmas card! That's straight out of Hallmark.

  2. I love those slippers! SO CUTE - I want a pair! hahaha

    Great pictures, I love how you can see the fresh snow ever so slightly out the window. Your life is a Christmas card. :)


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