Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pre-Christmas awesomeness

Right now I sit in the living room. Snow if gently falling outside (after being unseasonably warm yesterday), the fire is lit, the Christmas tree is glowing and the room is a disaster. Wrapping paper still litters the floor, presents strewn about hither nither, and two sleeping cats, and a husband, on the couch. It is perfect.

The last few days have been crazy busy and oh so fun.

The festivities started on December 23rd when we met my Dad and siblings for Dim Sum for dinner to celebrate my Dad's birthday. This place is awesome and the dim sum is so damn good. We ordered seaweed salad, pork buns, Shanghai dumplings, shrimp rolls, pot-stickers, wanton soup, egg rolls, and more.

James happily ate almost everything and toddled around the restaurant much to everyone's delight.

December 24th was just as wonderful and holidayish. The morning started out with dancing to Christmas music in the living room, making sushi for the Christmas Eve party to come, and relaxing at home.

After James rocked his second nap we all got dressed in some fancy clothes and headed over to my Aunt Laura's house for an amazing Christmas Eve. Laura had everyone bring one special appetizer and so the tables were overflowing with goodies, since there were almost 20 guests. The entire night felt warm and fun and low key. James happily munched on all the hors dourvers and explored Laura's entire main floor stopping only to pet the dogs and get another handful of chips.

James had never tried potato chips up until this point. To say he liked them is an understatement.
James and I and my cousin Kendra and her boyfriend Victor.

My bro Chandler and the amazing cookies Laura's Swiss exchange student, Rubina, made. Amazing.

We came home after the Christmas Eve party, put the baby to bed, turned on some Christmas music and wrapped some last Christmas presents.

Next post: Christmas day!

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