Friday, December 24, 2010

13 months! {Wolfy photos!}

Yes, I plan to continue to the Wolfy photo series until James is two. Then, we'll see. Maybe a photo every three months? Six months? I don't think I'll add these photos to the right sidebar, so you'll have to enjoy them here.

James has had quite a month. A language explosion! Not many new words ("book" he's said only twice) but lots and lots of new sounds. Now most the time it sounds like he is having an entire conversation with himself in a language he's only privy to.

He's been adorable/fussy/ and a bit hard to handle this month in all honestly. He is a lot of fun on his good days. Better than ever before, but because this last month he had his first ever cold, is still teething, and now is a master of toddler-esk fits (throwing himself to the ground in frustration), yea, you get the idea.

Naps have also been quite a struggle this month. He is finally pulling up in his crib (took him long enough?!) that now he's happy to stand and throw all his binkies onto the floor during afternoon nap. I've done a couple of things to try to keep afternoon nap going a little longer, because he clearly told me he is not ready for one nap a day. One thing I did was move his morning hap a half an hour earlier, and I try to keep him active all afternoon. I also moved his afternoon nap a half hour later, so the extra hour has made it seem that 80% of the time he takes an afternoon nap.

He's a wonderful little boy and this Christmas is going to be awesome. Each year gets more and more fun with this little guy. Happy 13 months Baby Man!

My gosh, comparing this to one month photos (taken one year ago!) this guy doesn't even look like the same kid. And back then? He was the same height as Wolfy!
Still a goof.

Love my Mr. Blue eyes.

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