Friday, December 17, 2010


My boy is so silly. All these things he does, the way he moves or talks seems to be fleeting. So I want to document as many of these little things as possible, so I can always remember.

One of the silly things James has been doing as of late is blinking a lot. And then leaving his eyes closed. So he'll blink quite quickly and then close his eyes for five seconds or so. He loves to do this while walking and has walked into the wall (because his eyes are closed) quite a few times. He laughs and laughs. Such a goof.
Another thing he's been working on is getting up from a sitting position to a stand. Once he's at a stand he can walk around as much as he likes, but if he's sitting he can't do much at all. So now he'll fling himself forward onto his belly and then assume the downward dog position from yoga. He has yet to stand up from this position, but he's close. When he does this we ask him if he's a yoga master. So funny.
And this last photo is just of my boy's gorgeous eyes and lashes.


  1. He is his daddy's boy! Ethan used to do all sorts of closed-eye tricks like this. His favorite though, was blinking the eyes and making "thunder" noises when we'd go down a big hill in the car. His favorite hill was the one going down 13th south from 13th east. He'd blink his eyes and make "uggie" noises, so it became the "uggie-moo wee hill". We still call it that!

  2. OMGoodness he is so adorable!

  3. YOGA! What a flexible adorable and amazing little boy. :-)


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