Saturday, May 25, 2013

Picnic in the park {and a new summer header!}

With summer right around the corner I've been thinking about my summer header photos quite a bit. We've had a couple rough weeks with Juliet, so keeping my mind off my screaming baby toddler, and on something much more pleasant was the only way.

When Juliet's yellow sandals came in the mail this week, it hit me, I wanted my summer header to be red and yellow.

Location of header photos is another thing I love to think about, I want the location to dictate the season (always the most tough for the spring header since nothing in yet looking very spring-like in early March). When we went to one of our favorite parks earlier this week and everything was so lush and green, I knew we'd found our summer spot.

Best bonus? Tons of baby ducklings!
One of my favorite outfits of all time was an amazing red romper I bought for Juliet when she was tiny and she wore it last year in our summer header photos. When the end of season clearance rolled around last summer I had the foresight to buy another identical outfit for this year. I am GENIUS! This summer it is even better than last, because now she is walking and it is really just perfection.
 She's changed a little bit in a year, hasn't she? ;)
Favorite outfit purchased in two different sizes. I adore it more this year, if that's possible. 
 James was being fantastic and laughing at all of Daddy's silly antics.
 Daddy is pretty funny.
These two hiking buddies are amazing. Two short weeks ago Juliet could only take a handful of steps, and only on even ground. Now she can walk well on uneven footing and keeps up with James if he walks slowly.
Each time I spotted beautiful light I made the kids stop and smile. And then I found the most beautiful light of all, the kind of light photographers dream about. I told them to stand still, hold hands and watch Daddy. E got right to work and with it I might have taken my favorite photo of all time. I am not exaggerating. When we came home and I uploaded this beauty I hoped over to the Costco site and ordered this photo on a huge canvas. I love it that much.
Juliet is a happy wonderful baby as long as she is getting her way.
 Walking with Daddy. We tried to hold her hand because she kept stopping to pick up/eat rocks.
 Hand holding didn't stop her.
 Finally E picked her up and told her to cut it out. Oh the tragedy!
But rocks are so yummy! (This looks funny now, but seriously it is not. When she doesn't get her way on anything, this girl can throw and epic tantrum.)
As soon as we were away from the rocks she was completely happy with the sticks.
The patio at this park looks over this pond (full of water birds) and up towards the mountains. It is seriously the most amazing view, right in the middle of Salt Lake.
We decided to hang out on the patio and cook a little dinner instead of moving over near the playground. The shade felt lovely and the kids were happy watching the baby ducks and throwing sticks into the water.
E requested a portable grill for Father's Day and his birthday. This man and his grills... I really can't complain though, he planned dinner, went shopping, and cooked the entire thing while I sat back and enjoyed.
My favorite three and a half year old. It was a fun excuse to celebrate.
Three out of the four of us. Not sure where James was (playground maybe?) but we jumped on the opportunity when a stranger asked if we wanted a photo.
Neat pic huh? It's a regular photo flipped upside down. Easy fun edit when you have a great reflection shot.
Dinner is served! Enjoy the summer header!

Outfit details:
Romper - Janie & Jack
Shoes - Saltwaters via Amazon
Bow - homemade

Polo - Old Navy
Shorts - Target
Shoes - Saltwaters via Amazon


  1. Awesome post, awesome pics and the best kiddos ever! I love the popsicle in the header! <3!!

  2. I can see why you would make that photo a canvas. Beautiful shot Jessica and lovely new header! Lily had an Old Navy dress that I purchased when she was one that I LOVED!!! At the end of the summer season the dress got maked down to $1.97 and I bought sizes 2,3,4 and 5. I never tired of her in it and got so many compliments over the years. You have inspired me to dig up all the photos of her in it.

  3. Canvas photo is adorable as are allllll of your pictures! Your kids are adorable and I enjoy seeing them explore! Juliet is definitely al girl! They are definitely more dramatic then the boys! I look forward to all your pics and adventures!


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