Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Juliet is 15 months!

What a HUGE month it has been for Juliet. Lots of amazing amazing things happening.

Walking! Only days after she turned 14 months she took her first steps and she's gotten better and better since then. Still only five or so steps at a time, but she's doing it more and more.

So many new sounds and words. She says "mee mee" when we ask her what a kitty says. She loves to say "boom!" along with her brother. A few other words she says: more, blue, moon, ball, bird, and a few others. She also is understanding us so much. Such a fun time.

Started to really play with James. They wrestle. They laugh. They splash in the tub. They totally ignore me when I'm saying "settle down please" and love to amp it up.

She has turned into such a "girl". James has always been so "boy". He loves diggers, wrestling, cars, etc. Well Juliet loves all those things too (she does have a big brother after all) but E and I have both commented that over the last month her personality has really bloomed and she is such a girl! Kisses, baby dolls, only wanting Daddy, and of course drama. Oh the drama...
She started sleeping through the night! At about ten months Juliet started sleeping through the night and then lost the ability on her birthday when she got RSV. It's been a long three months getting her back to it, but it's here and it feels wonderful!

Eating has gotten better after three really really tough months where she ate virtually nothing. Now she's eating somewhat well again, so I can rejoice!

She got a nasty bump on her chin yesterday. I photoshopped it out on the above photos, but let it be in these next two. Bumps are part of babyhood.
Now, onto likes and dislikes.

  • Laughing with James. Oh boy do they get laughing. 
  • Kissing James. It is the most tender thing. She hardly kisses me or E, but James comes in a three foot vicinity and she tries to plant a kiss on him. 
  • Splashing in the tub. The entire bathroom is drenched when she and James are done.
  • Daily walks with the wagon. 
  • Wrestling Daddy.
  • Brushing her teeth.
  • Popsicles.

  • Being told no.
  • Morning nap.
  • Being in the stroller. She's big and doesn't like the stroller anymore, because apparently they are for babies. 
  • Getting her nose wiped. Or her butt for that matter.
  • Being yelled at by James when all she needs/wants is a hug.
She finished teething on all four molars! Now her mouth is full of teeth! Twelve in all.

Finally, from 1 month until now:

Outfit details -
Dress - Etsy find
Hairbow- Etsy

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  1. Thats my sweet little babe! Great post and pics!!!


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