Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Picnic

On the Saturday before Mother's Day E spoils me. SPOILS me. Sunday is often full of family visits or hosting parties. But Saturday is my day. A day where I do virtually nothing and E takes care of every detail.

Over the last couple of years we've taken our picnic basket up to Red Butte Garden for dinner near our favorite waterfall. This tradition became one of our all time favorites, and although E likes to keep an element of surprise in the day's activities, I've long since thrown that out the window and just requested our annual picnic at Red Butte.
Everything has leaved out and turned green and stunning.
I've learned that kids and sticks are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together. 

Juliet has turned into a MAJOR Daddy's girl over the last month. She does not want me if Daddy's around. If I take her from him she fusses and cries and reaches for him. Does this upset me? Not a bit. I'm happy they adore each other.
Japanese maples always are among my favorite trees.
And Red Butte's lilac collection is stunning. Pink lilacs? New to me!
E pulled the wagon the majority of the time, and kept a handle on the crazy kids, leaving me to enjoy the garden in peace. Here he spotted a big fat squirrel and was pointing it out to our boy.
Soon we arrived at our favorite spot for a picnic. We laid a blanket on the lawn and opened the picnic basket!
Chocolate covered strawberries, sushi, cheese and crackers, special drinks for us all, the list went on and on.

One reason I love this spot is the way the light filters through the trees this time of day.
 Sun kissed babies that now walk more than crawl, well nothing's better.
 Pigtails on top, curls in the back!
 We usually end our loop with the three terraced gardens.
Each one is simply stunning this time of year.
 This time of night the gardens are almost deserted. Seems like our own little slice of heaven.
Our final stop was the Children's Garden. This was well planned you see, since the water feature is now turned on. We let the kids have at it, and Juliet was beyond thrilled.
 This girl loves to splash.
 James was soaked within minutes.
 My favorite night of the year ended with smiles, drenched children and so so so much love.

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  1. What a fun event! I want to dig in that picnic basket too. ;) Ethan does a great job spoiling you!


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