Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cutest dang babies you've ever seen

My neighborhood is in the suburbs. Nothing really special, except for everything is really special.

When we first moved in and I started walking, I hardly knew about all the hidden gems right in the middle of suburbia.

One of these hidden gems in the goat farm not far from my house. About six months after living in our home E said something along the lines of "have you ever seen the goats down the road?" I was skeptical and might have even made fun of him. Goats? Here? Nah.

Of course the very next day he wanted to prove me wrong, and for the first time I met them, the most perfect little heard of African Pygmy goats.

Since having children the "goat walk" has become a favorite. These little goats are so gentle, never biting or butting and both my children adore them.

Every spring the Mama goats have babies. It is one of my favorite things ever, to see these tiny babies and love them. One year we even saw a baby born.

This year we've visited the goats a handful of times and have enjoyed seeing the babies again and again.

Today when James suggested the goat walk to his favorite friend, a neighborhood boy, I knew I needed to grab my camera.

So so glad I did. :)
The neighbor that owns the little herd is amazing. He lets us inside to see the babies and visit the new mommies. Such a treat.
I die of cute.

These babies are so tame, so gentle that they can easily be picked up and hugged.
My sweet gentle boy is a bit aggressive as of late when he gets frustrated or doesn't get his way, but seeing him with these babies, it melts me.

Hopping baby goats?!! NOTHING cuter.
And the sweet boy who joined us is James's "favorite friend." These two are tight as thieves, and are so cute together. After visiting the goats James said "let's hold hands and run up the big hill!" It was too sweet not to capture.

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  1. Too fun! These photos are really neat. I hope that you have a great weekend!!!


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