Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day dinner with my Mother!

On Mother's Day we didn't have lots to do, thanks to our Friday night BBQ with E's family.

The night before E let me sleep in the basement and sleep in on Mother's Day morning as long as I wanted. I slept until 8:45 which is a new record (last time I slept that late was a long long long time ago). It felt crazy awesome. 

E made a fantastic brunch, he gave me a gift I'd been pining after: a copper rain chain to replace our old one. In Japan, all the rain chains are real copper. We napped, relaxed, played in the backyard and joined my family at my Mom's house for dinner. 

The weather was so lovely we sat outside and enjoyed ourselves so so much. 

Juliet looked so dang darling from head to toe in this dress. She competed the look with little pigtails.
Seriously, this girl is too much! 
I've mentioned again and again how much my Grandma has changed since her stroke. But she's still here, she's still able to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren grow. James sang her "You are my Sunshine" and she broke into tears.
 Juliet only wants Daddy.
We all looked so nice I decided to ask my Grandma and mom for a photo with Juliet and I. Four generations of women celebrating Mother's Day. And all the oldest daughters too. (Don't look so thrilled Juliet!)
Soon the other ladies felt left out, so we invited them to a ladies photo in the honor of Mother's Day. Notice the far right. He sneaked in, and look how cute he is?! Smiling and everything.

Left to right: Kendra, Laura, Debbie, Barbra, me, Juliet, Melissa and James.
Then all of a sudden the guys felt left out and wanted a guy picture.

Left to right: Mike, Brandon, E, James, Chuck, Chandler, Witt.
 These two? Best buds. Somehow Brandon has stollen James's heart. They adore each other.
Phew. Long fantastic amazing Mother's Day weekend. What a treat. 

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