Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In the garden

I firmly believe it is 900% times easier to parent in the warm months. That is an accurate percentage by the way. When it's cold we are grumpy inside. When it's warm we are happy in the backyard. Easy easy.

And in late May my backyard transforms itself into a bit of a fairy land.

We spend hours back there every day, and it's almost warm enough to start eating dinner out there on a regular basis! Yea!

Looking at these images brings me such peace.

*More on the hardships today brought after these lovely flower photos.

For Mother's Day this year E decided to replace my old iron rain chain with a real copper beauty! It adds so much to our front yard and I just adore it. It will patina over time, so I've got to soak up all of its copper loveliness now.
 With a full weekend of rain and more early this week, it's left the yard looking green and dreamy.
 Flower pots, flower boxes.
White bleeding hearts. My Japanese garden is primarily green with some white blossoms. The hot pink peony near Buddha will bloom soon, but other than that, I've tried to keep the colors to mostly white and green tones.
The flower boxes I fill with color.
This sweet bunny was my birthday present from E. Can you tell I love garden items the most for presents?
Last week my dad brought a wading pool and some fresh soft sand. The digging zone has an entirely new level of awesomeness.

 Buddha meditating under a tree.
After walking around my yard taking the above photos I decided to walk across the street and take some photos of this amazing snowball bush.
I need one of these in my yard. So so stunning.

*Today wasn't horrible, actually it was pretty great, but right before E came home for the day Juliet took a tumble and broke her lip. There was a lot of blood but only a minute of tears. I wiped her down and gave her a popsicle. The blood didn't stop.

During dinner and bath the blood didn't stop. For three hours in bled and bled. The bathwater was pink when we finally pulled her out.

I decided that I needed to investigate a little further and discovered that she and broken the little "fin" of skin above your front teeth, the little piece of skin that connects your lip to your gums, it was obliterated.

A quick Google search reveled that this can't be stitched or fixed, but pressure will stop the bleeding. So I pressed on her little gum for a long time until finally the blood eased up. I didn't want to re-open her wound trying to nurse her (now she only nurses before bed) so I gave her to E to rock to sleep.

The most upsetting thing for me was that she was totally fine. Not phased in the slightest and not wanting or needing to nurse at all. Baby girl is growing up.

Other developments with Juliet? She now walks 95% of the time, hardly crawling at all any more. Morning nap is a thing of the past and girlfriend can trow an epic tantrum.

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  1. What a gorgeous garden. I know I would love gardening if I ever had a yard. Not that I'm bitter, it would list be lovely to plant flowers and tomato plants even :) I need to visit you sometime and see it for myself! And that same thing happened to jones. It was kind of scary because he, like your wee one, was unaffected but bled forever. And it looked disturbing. You were smart to check the web first cause I just rushed him to instacare and they send me home. You live and you learn!


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