Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend is my absolute favorite

I adore Mother's Day. How could I not? Let's just talk about the weather for a moment. This is what I've been waiting for THE ENTIRE YEAR. Within the last week all the trees have leaved out, flowers are blooming and the world looks like heaven.
E was gone for work all week (Detriot) and decided to take Friday off. Since the weekend of Mother's Day is always jam packed, we decided to have a BBQ with E's family on Friday night so we could spread out the fun and not feel so rushed on Sunday. PERFECT idea.

The weather was glorious, but I've already mentioned that.

We could not wait to see baby Emilia again. James and Juliet met her two weeks ago when we delivered dinner to Chelsea and Joe in Midway. We were so excited to have her join us for her first family party. James spotted her out front and ran to the back to tell me "she's this big! She's tiny!"
James was so excited to see his family. As each person arrived he asked where the next person was. It was darling.
Juliet was being quite the pillski before the party. Luckily she sweetened up in time to see Damma and tug on her earrings. (Is this not the sweetest photo? And look at baby girl's hair!)
Mostly people wanted to obsess over Emilia. And Chelsea? Newest mother of the group. Being a new mother is a stressful time, so we showered her with love.
Little lady dressed in yellow.
I could not wait to hold her. She's tiny!
And both my children were being darling with her. James took great care to bounce the bouncer just so, and touch her tiny head so carefully.
Daddy with his tiny tiny babe.
Other Daddy with his not to tiny babe who loves upside down neck kissies.
Can we just discuss how sweet new Daddies are?! I did not pose this photo. He was looking at Emilia like this, so full of love, I just knew I had to snap this photo.
After dinner was served and dessert devoured a rain storm moved it. We cleaned up the lawn and moved to the garage to watch the storm. 
Nothing much happened for a couple minutes so we taught James the art of rain dancing. These moments, dancing in the rain with the people I love are the moments that I never want to forget.
Soon the rain really began and a rainbow appeared. We convinced Chelsea and Joe to brave the rain and show Emilia her first ever rainbow.
Lots more rain-dancing ensued.

And the skies listened. It started pouring.
The sky got darker and darker and the evening grew late. James stayed up two hours post bedtime (all while Juliet slept inside) and the entire evening ended with magic.
More (lots more) Mother's Day goodness to come.


  1. I seriously love this post. You guys always do an awesome Mother's Day weekend! Every picture in this post is my favorite.

  2. I love this post! It was SUCH a fun party!

  3. Looks like an awesome time! Happy Mother's Day! Awesome memories! The last photo of James is darling!


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