Saturday, May 04, 2013

Family walk

Day to day life with my two babies (because both of them will always always be my babies) usually includes many hours outside. Even when the weather is cold, we are out. Since having children I've taken neighborhood walks. Hundreds of them, if not thousands.

We go just about daily. Sometimes twice a day. We go whatever the weather, and have three or four little routes we take. Some longer, others leisurely.

This morning was a typical Saturday morning. We were up at 6:15 with Juliet (why must she rise so early?!) and James shortly after. We had a hot homemade breakfast on the table before 8:30 and were out the door at close to nine. Not always are we outside so early, but today was one of those nearly perfect days that you've got to saver.

E and James worked on mowing the lawn. I did a tiny bit of yard work before Juliet woke.

I quickly dressed her and grabbed her baby stroller before heading outside again. She practiced walking up and down the driveway. E finished the mowing and the first honeybees of the season buzzed by.
Her dress is another one from my childhood that my mom packed away for thirty years, until I had a daughter of my own.
The air was perfection. Warm but not hot and scented with the most beautiful smell of blossoms. 
Out front James took great care to help Juliet up the sidewalk. I was thrilled. Lots of times he barrels into Juliet or not letting her pass. This kindness was something to enjoy, quite rare.
Soon E was done with the lawns and we decided to switch the baby stroller for the wagon and take a nice long morning walk. James chose the ponds, which is a bit of a longer walk, but when the weather was this magnificent, nobody minded.
Everything sparkled and sang.
The wagon my mom and Chuck got us for Christmas has been our favorite spring time toy. We use it daily, both kids pulling it and riding in it.
Once at the ponds James got right to work looking for big rocks to throw in.
Mostly I was just mesmerized by the beauty of it all.
I think she was too.

Before turning back toward home we had a snack under the most brilliant pink blossom covered tree. 
And of course we had time to throw just a few more rocks.
If you want to see more photos from our walks (there are a lot of them!) check out the hash tag #DailyWalkWithJames on IG. There are some of my favorite shots in that group.


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