Monday, April 29, 2013

This girl and her babies

Over the last two weeks or so this baby girl has decided that she loves her babies. They have become her favorite toy. She give them bottles, kisses, shakes, and some pretty dang sweet loves.

Another favorite toy is the darling wooden stroller my Mother-in-Law got us a few weeks ago. It is so well made Juliet loves to sit in it, and really has gotten a lot better at walking by pushing it around.

Today she collected all her babies, got her stroller, and proceeded to climb in.

After I helped her get her comfortable she hugged her babies close and started to kiss them. It was so darling I couldn't help but grab my camera.

Gosh this girl is amazing.

And a little video I was lucky enough to get on my phone.

Side note: it's been a long time since I tagged a blog post dolls. It feels good to get that tag out of retirement.


  1. The third shot is just too much! Love it!

  2. oh my gosh, love the 4th picture of her in the stroller. Too cute!

  3. In the first photo she blends right in and looks like a doll herself. I love the side shots too. So very sweet and how precious is the video! Love it!

  4. Connie5:28 PM

    What a beautiful angel! She wouldn't be your daughter if she didn't love dollies!


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