Sunday, April 07, 2013

Daffodils in the garden

Every year in early April my family all dresses in yellow and we go to Red Butte Garden to get a photo in the daffodils. We bring the tripod and tell James to look at the camera and smile. This year we lucked out and even got a baby girl smile. What fun it is to look back on how our family changes and grows year to year.
Every single year I get a shot like this one below. The hillsides blanketed in daffodils beg to be photographed.
This year I decided to also get a few photos for Instagram with my phone, and ended up getting one of my favorite daffodil shots to date. Just love the angle. 
Within just the last few days things have been becoming alive. Leaves are just starting to open and the garden is once again green.
Another favorite from the day. Or maybe favorite from life. I just love these two.
Pink magnolias, oh my. Stunning.
This bright green branch just screamed spring to me. I knew that I wanted to add the text the moment I snapped the shot.
"Mommy! Look! A hole! I think a mousey lives down there! Or maybe a snuggle bunny!"

Now that spring has fully begun, I couldn't be more happy.
And of course I needed some side-by-sides:

Juliet 2012; Juliet 2013 (same bow!)

James 2011 (roughly Juliet's current age); James 2013

Family of four 2012; family of four 2013

We've been doing this tradition for years, before James even. To see them all click on last year's post right here.


  1. I am in love with all these pictures!! The first is my absolute favorite.

  2. Love your photos! I think that it is so cool that you do this every year!


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