Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter day

Easter may as well be claimed as my favorite holiday. Yes yes, I love Christmas too, who doesn't? But Easter? The celebration of spring and flowers and bunnies and babies in bonnets?! AMAZING.

Each year putting the kids baskets together is more and more fun. Since we have two winter birthdays in the house we use Easter as an excuse to get some backyard toys that we've been pining for.

James has had his mind set for months. He wanted a lawn mower from the Easter Bunny. He also got red rain boots, bubble bath, goggles, seed packages, a tractor, two chocolate carrots, a shovel and a shaving kit.

Juliet was more fun, if possible just because buying for her is like buying for me. I only buy things I adore. She got a book, a bunny (of course), two beautiful outfits, socks, seed packages and chocolate carrots.

And just like last year, James was awe struck with the goods.
The lawn mower brought all the joy I knew it would. "Look at this! Gas!"
We invited E's family over for brunch and the weather was UNREAL. Never do I ever remember such a beautiful Easter, we even ate out on the patio!

Damma and James got right to work digging through the baskets.
And we took a little photo shoot near the forsythia again. James? Love those eyes. And can we just talk about boys dressed in pink?! My favorite!
Nothing has made me as happy as seeing this baby girl in her Easter dress. Love love love. 

I thought it would be fun to have all three grandchildren in a yearly Easter photo. So this year we had Chelsea (with her very pregnant tummy) sit between the kids for a photo. Next year her baby will be Juliet's size! After the photo I wanted a photo of Juliet with her baby cousin. You can see she was thrilled with this idea.
My heart.
After an amazing brunch was served (thanks to E) Juliet and Damma had to search through her basket.
Lots of goodies.
Soon it was followed up with the climax of the party: the annual hunt. Each year Steve (E's dad) puts on an amazing hunt for the kids. This year we decided to transfer the fun to the grand kids and James had a blast. He totally understood what to do and tore all over the house and the yard looking for clues. Finally they found a huge prize hidden in the basement with toys and more candy!
Later in the afternoon after naps we went to my mom's. My mom made sure to have "special drink" for James, knowing that a sure way to his heart is through root beer.
Auntie Melissa couldn't wait to hold Juliet. Oh Juliet, what a face.
Since my birthday is on Wednesday (wahoo!) we celebrated with homemade strawberry cake after dinner.
Happy Easter!

And I love to see side by sides of time going by. Here are two:



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  1. You take fabulous photos of your kiddos. Love em' all. Happy Easter!


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