Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring at Temple Square

Sometimes when I blog I like to tell a story, sharing the photos in the order I took them. Other times I  like to just cut to the chase and post my favorite of the day at the top. So there it is, my absolute favorite of the day ever, right at the beginning.
After a rainy day yesterday full of errands and other not very exciting things, we decided to get out today. The morning was sunny but this afternoon a big cloud bank moved it. The overcast sky was nice for photos, but soon it was quite chilly. They are forecasting snow tomorrow.
Even with the cloudy skies and chilly temps, we decided to head downtown and visit Temple Square. I was hoping all the tulips were in bloom (however we were a touch too early). We did get lucky enough to see all the trees in bloom! And what a sight to see! I fear the snow might pull a lot of blossoms off the branches tomorrow, so we were just in time.

Branches heavy with petals.
There were a few tulips that were on the brink of opening.
Neither of the kids were in much of a mood to smile, but Daddy worked his magic.
According to James, the real reason we visit Temple Square is to ohh and awe over the fountains.
And this baby girl?! In addition to pulling her hair bow out over and over, she's started to walk! Just a couple of steps here and there, but this a big deal!
Across the street the mall was closed but James was ecstatic to find the fountains turned on.


  1. Great photos! Love the blossoms! Snowing here. Sheesh!

  2. Love your pictures, especially the one with the branches in front of the temple :)


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