Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My life in Instagram

Today was is my birthday. It has been fantastic. The only downer is I had to take Juliet to the doctor for another high fever and more sickness. But E took a half day as a surprise and made brunch this morning. And we followed it up with a trip to Murray Park. It was just perfect.

Here's my life lately, according to IG.

1. Green tights and gold shoes for St. Patrick's Day. 2. Drive by shooting (the photo kind) on the way down to Zion. 3. Both kids seriously love these swings!

4. Her favorite spot is the ball pit. 5. The climbing phase has begun... 6. Rocking her to sleep each night is my favorite part of the day.

7. Where is my Juliet? 8. Our favorite bunny books (we have a lot). 9. Early mornings.

1. Picking violets. 2. A surprise birthday gift from E, a beautiful bunny for my garden. 3. Testing out the rain boots. They passed.

4. Playing games at Grandma's on Easter. 5. Fresh from a bath. 6. Easter brunch.

7. Life isn't always a fairy tale. 8. Marzipan for the win! 9. Exploring new playgrounds.

1. The weather is divine. Warm and beautiful with the scent of violets in the air. 2. James loved this big wheel at Wheeler Farm when he was this age too. 3. He hasn't taken his Jr. Ranger badge off his coat and wears it daily. So happy.

4. Annual friend's egg hunt was a hit. 5. Annual egg dying. He liked "orange with a scoop of blue". 6. Park days in spring are my favorite.

7. They spotted Daddy across the yard. 8. Spinnnn! The barf bucket at the park is his favorite. 9. Trying out his new shaving kit that the Easter Bunny left.


  1. Mmm, marzipan of my favorites! Did you make that yourself?

  2. Hope the little woman is feeling better and I'm glad you had a happy birthday!

  3. Linnea, I wish! Do you make it? We got it from a local bakery! Yummy!

  4. they are amazing :)


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