Friday, April 26, 2013

Today was unbelievably glorious

Last year we didn't make it to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. We had a warm spring and by the time Mother's Day was upon us (when we usually went), the tulips were gone.

Never would I make that mistake again. Thanksgiving Point's tulip festival is one of my favorite things ever forever and always.
And after a chilly spring, the weather turned DIVINE over the last few days and we broke out the shorts for the first time.
And the vintage dresses.
This photo? Straight off the camera. I almost decreased the saturation because with the full sun, it was just so bright! But how could I? I looked magical in person.
James spotted the hillside of color and said "look at that beautiful rainbow!"
Juliet practiced her standing.
And her walking.

James was just as obsessed with this bridge as the last time we were here (and I just realized he's wearing the same shorts both times!).
I think a professional photographer was using this tiny bench as a prop, and left it behind for a moment. Ha! I spotted it faster than an owl spots a mouse.
We quickly plunked both kiddos on the tiny bench and Daddy got right to work getting them to smile.

I really really love tulips. Even more photos below.
Every year I say the same thing, it looked like a fairytale. Magical.

Happy spring!
And in case you forgot what we are here to see, Juliet will remind you. "Dat!"

Juliet's outfit details -
Dress - vintage, and Etsy find when I was pregnant.
Bonnet - Janie & Jack
Bloomers - Gap, hand-me-down
Shoes - StrideRite, hand-me-down


  1. Oh my goodness Jessica...STUNNING photos! So so beautiful. The tulips really are amazing and your precious babies just make them even prettier. And once again, I must comment on Juliet's amazing dress. What a treasure!

  2. Looks like you already have your may header photos all ready to go! And the last image might be the cutest picture ever taken.

  3. Wow! I am so incredibly jealous! All of your pictures are beautiful and the kiddos of course, so precious!!

  4. Love the photos! You have gotten so talented with photography!!

  5. I love your blog! Your pictures are amazing! I don't even remember which other posts I have commented on, I have been browsing around at your lovely family, and your stories. Is there a way to follow your blog? I can't find it. We share a love of our families, travel, the gorgeous wonders of nature, Christmas, Christmas music, on and on. I shared your blog with one of my friends, we have talked about going to a tulip festival in WA state. Busy with our lives in now different states, we have not gotten there. Maybe someday! Let me know about following your blog. Nancy


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