Monday, July 09, 2012

Today we celebrate 6 years

Six years ago I married the man of my dreams. Never had I loved anybody more. Today I love him more than the day I married him (if that's possible) and our home is bursting at the seams with love for the family we've created.

So to celebrate we decided to take a little trip, a vacation if you will.

For quite a few years we've loved the Marriott MountainSide resort in Park City. My parents have a timeshare there, so we've visited often over the last few years.

This hotel is pretty awesome. Not only are some of the rooms more like condos but it is right on the ski resort and has the neatest hot tubs ever imaginable, especially for our waterfall loving kiddo.

You may be wondering why our anniversary weekend vacation included the kiddos, but that's just how we roll. Not only would we miss them too much (really!) but we want them to understand that our anniversary is not just our holiday, it is their holiday too, we got married and started their family. They will always be part of that.
We talked up the hotel room quite a bit to this guy. He's not been the easiest traveler and we didn't want to have him cry for extended periods at bed time. We told him there was a hotel with a new bed that he could jump on, and pools and we'd even sleep there! He seemed genuinely excited. First things first, jumping on the king sized bed!
I had to jump too, of course.
We were so excited to go down to the pool with James and Juliet. I didn't realize until I was getting dressed that I got Juliet a matching swimsuit to mine. Total happy accident.
Into the hot tubs we go. There are five hot tubs all connected by waterfalls, each hot tub and fall is a little different, and they are surrounded by natural gardens and rocks. James was in heaven. He loves waterfalls, and can stand there mesmerized for hours on end.
It is amazing that we got him to look at the camera, he was seriously in a waterfall trance.
We were very careful to take a lot of breaks, so the kiddos wouldn't get too hot in the hot tub (Juliet only put her toes in).
James had peanuts poolside, Juliet had milk. She soon fell fast asleep.
In the higher hot tubs there are little rivers that connect to the lower tubs. Seriously, James could have played here all day, which was perfect, because we had no other plans in mind than to relax by the pools.
In the "cold pool" James asked Daddy to "throw high into the sky!"
And the girls watched.
Our hotel room wasn't much of a room, more a complete house with kitchen, living room, huge master bathroom and a tub that was the size of a swimming pool. We cooked dinner in the room and had a very laid back meal.
After dinner we decided to take a walk to find something special. Very rarely do we go for dessert after dinner, but we had to celebrate.
Lucky for us we happened upon a candy shop. James was in heaven. After saying "I want chocolate" over and over, he soon decided on bubblegum ice cream after tasting a bite of mine.
Love this shot of us enjoying our ice-cream. Juliet looks like she's going in for a bite. In reality, this girl is a little cannibal and loves to nom on my hands and fingers at all times. See her little chubby hands pulling my hand to her mouth?

Once back we had to let James try out the monster tub. It is hard to tell just how enormous this tub is in photos, but it could have easily fit the entire family. :)
And, best news of the entire weekend?! James went to bed without crying!! This is big news, since he's never gone to bed without major tears when we were away from home. We decided to not put him in the travel crib, instead make him a bed on the couch. He loved it apparently, because we didn't hear a peep until morning.
And as soon as morning arrived James was the first to look out the two story windows (yes, this hotel room gets better and better) and announce "it's a beautiful day!"
As soon as we had a mini breakfast, it was back down to the pool we go.
Such a fantastic weekend.
PS- I didn't post any wedding photos today, but to see a few I've posted before, check here, here and here.


  1. Congrats! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Connie10:23 PM

    It makes me so happy (to the point of tears) that my son married you and you are all such a great, happy family! Happy Anniversary!!! I love you all so much!!!!

  3. What a great idea to include the kiddos in your anniversary celebration!

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I must agree that 2006 was the best year to get married! Congrats.

  5. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Looks so fun!!! Love that James had fun too!

    Auntie Melissa


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