Friday, July 27, 2012

My week {in Instagram}

Another hot week. Hotter than hot with occasional glorious rain.

1. These two, I am so thankful. I don't take a moment for granted.  2. This boy, he has my heart.

3. Shhhh.... don't tell. Juliet's thighs are so "healthy" that they don't fit in outfits that otherwise fit fine. So we just snap the middle snap and leave the side ones open.  4. Rio Grande for my Mom's birthday. So so awesome. It is our family favorite (I think Juliet has already been three times!)

5. This girl? She keeps getting better and better.  6. Sparklers to celebrate our statehood.

7. A snowcone at Liberty Park. We asked him what flavor he wanted and he said blue! Then said orange, then said blue. The snowcone lady said she could make blue and orange. He was thrilled.  8. One trend I've liked on Instagram (IG) is showing 9 sky photos. I liked it so much I decided to share nine of my sky photos. If you have IG check out the hashtag #oncloud9. You'll be blown away. So much talent.

9. "I feel a raindrop on my head! I feel a raindrop on my back! I feel a raindrop on my shoe! Whoa!" 10. These two...

11. James has quite a fan club these days. She won't take her eyes off him. 12. The moment I say "don't get me soaked" is almost as funny as when he actually does it.

13. More stay at home days this week, due to Juliet's nap schedule regulating a bit, so a lot of time with the water in the backyard.  14. Only half of those times he was naked. ;)

15. My mom's new house is spectacular. It is amazing. I'll have to take more photos soon, it is perfection. 16. A few more shots from our afternoon in Albion Basin.

17. More rock throwing with James. We do this so dang much I made an IG hashtag, #ThrowingRocksWithJames to organize all of the photos I have. 18. Dada, Mama and baby on the train at the zoo.


  1. What a good lookin family! James is so tall and Juliet, well, I just can't wait to hold her one day...darling!

  2. What a beautiful family you have! I love your babies little legs : ) Cute as can be!

  3. Love your photos! What a fun, organized, gift to your kids!

  4. Juliet's chub! Good grief! I wonder how long the chub will hang around? :)


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