Monday, July 30, 2012

My chatterbox

Another post about all the silly and awesome things James is saying:

"I got cries. I got tears. I got many big tears." When he was sad, obviously.

"Where did all the special drink go? In the tummy already." He says this with each and everything he is eating when he finishes it.

"Ohh! Look like a beautiful day!" He says this every single time we go outside, no matter the weather. I love this kid.

"All the deers are already asleep. Tucked in already. It's nighttime!" When we were driving home one evening past his bedtime.

"What's to do today? I want an Activity! Mommy's new car!" He asks me this most days, usually first thing in the morning. He wants to know the plan. He wants an activity!

"Like it so much!"if he likes something. "Don't like it so long!" if he doesn't like it. Love that he adds "so long".

"Good job kid-DOH! Good job smarty pants!" As I'm sure you are aware, we call him kiddo a lot. He has decided it is pronounced kid-DOH with extra emphasis on the doh. If he does something that is nice, good, smart or silly, he congratulates himself.

We had this billboard near the house for awhile and James LOVED it. He asked to drive by the "silly Juliet billboard" every time we got in the car, and when he saw it he said "There's Juliet! Silly face! Silly old gurl!" Totally cracked me up every time. I've never in my life called Juliet (or anyone for that matter) "old girl".
"Another big dark comin' up!" whenever we'd drive under and underpass on the freeway.

"There's a snug-bug! Snugbugs are James's favorite." When we see VW bugs on the road.

"I'm turning to Planters." when he'd eat peanuts. He thought he'd turn into this guy.

"I want a fish taco with candy in it!" when we asked him what he wanted for lunch.

"There's a huge owl! I love to snuggle owls so much." All right then.

"I'm fine!" He says this 100 times a day whenever I suggest something that he doesn't want. "Want more water?" "I'm fine," "Let's get in the tub." "I'm fine."

"It's clean! James tooshie clean!" This cracked me up because I asked him if he was poopy. The funny thing, I always call it his bum, never tooshie. Don't know where he picked that up.

"Don't crash into the wall Mr. Kiddo! I like it totally dark! Thats a good dance!" He loves to do wacky dance before bed. Now he does it in the pitch black. I thought it was so funny when he said "Mr. Kiddo."

"I want to cook bacon! It's delicious!" Well, he's got a point.

"That was totally fun!" after he and E finished another hike to Rocky Mouth Waterfall this weekend.

"Don't like that plan." This is what he says if you ask him to share his toys, or finish his dinner, or go to bed. Ha! Goof!

Above: practicing sitting on the potty. He has yet to pee or poo in there, but he sure does like to request candy for just sitting on it. Nice try kid-DOH!


  1. Connie10:45 PM

    You know I adore this kid-doh soooooooooo much!!! He is beyond amazing!!


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