Thursday, August 02, 2012

August is sweet {Big Cottonwood Canyon in the afternoon}

Only yesterday, it seemed, I posted about what our normal day was. Out of the house both morning and afternoon. Lots of activities. Lots of playdates. Juliet was yet to settle on a nap schedule and she would nap on the go at times.

Well since that post (only two weeks ago!) Juliet has settled on loving a good morning nap.

I knew this was coming. Babies adore a good a.m. snooze.

So now, she's back in bed before I feel like I've even woken up. Which means James and I have a lot of free time on our hands at home in the mornings.

But August is sweet. Hot, so very hot, but sweet.

We play in the backyard each and every morning. We splash, we laugh, we eat popsicles and water the garden. I watch my little boy grow right before my eyes while my little girl sleeps on.

We've been keeping somewhat busy with playdates at our house and playing with the iPad with the heat is just too unbearable.

But come afternoon, when both kiddos are awake, we are out of the house. We have to, for all of our sanity.

Yesterday we had no plans so I decided to take the short drive up to the Lake Blanche Trailhead. I knew it would be cooler in the mountains and the paved trail works well with a stroller.

And James is in heaven whenever there is a river nearby.

Keeping up with him is a chore. He RUNS ahead as fast as he can and Juliet and I tail behind.
 I have more photos of this kid with rocks and sticks than I do smiles. He's such a boy.

 This little waterfall right after the Lake Blanche turnoff was what we came to see.
 She was mesmerized as well.
 I did not pose this photo. This is how he sat down to watch the waterfall.
At the end of the day, back in the parking lot, a motorcycle pulled up. The driver smiled and James and James got instantly shy and looked away (so much like his daddy!). I said to him, "it's ok, you can look at the motorcycle." He glanced back timidly with such a worried mouth. What a sweet shy guy with such beautiful eyes.


  1. The red sandals again! Darling.

  2. Call me if ever you need someone to go with you!


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